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Good luck to all those who have to get to the dayjob in London, today, and may have to make 'other arrangements' due to the Olympic routes, etc.
I have a penchant for looking at Google 'street view', zooming up and down thoroughfares, gawking at buildings I know/have inhabited, etc., and yesterday, I took a notion to see the house where I lived with my longest-term boyfriend, To my amusement, he seems to be standing posed, right outside (faces are blurred, though-), and a dumpy long-haired woman in long 'gypsy' skirt and boots, is plonked in the drive, like a sentinel. She must be his current partner. Haw, good luck to her. Always funny to see how comical these intense tears-on-my-pillow relationships, etc. usually seem in hindsight. Och, 'we get too soon old, and too late smart.'


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