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I will admit to having liked the forging of the rings spectacle, the NHS bit with flying kidlit villains V the Mary Poppins and nurse army,and the cauldron finale, OK? It could have been sooo much worse.
During the whole torch business, I felt it was kind of 'bad taste' to have all those grievously furbar'd veterans, etc. shuffling along on their prosthetics so we could all say 'Ahh, bless!' I guess that's just me, though, as they obviously were very keen to do it. For myself,  I can't imagine I'd want to take part in something like that, after being demolished in some 'miliatary action' abroad.
Blessed relief from the worst of the hooha, anyway, and the heat and humidity have abated considerably. Bliss!
Further 'Ohhh, haven't you lost weight!' comments from strangers, which other chubs will know, is most 'normals' way of saying you look nice/ healthy whatevah, so not complaining...IMG_0003

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