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Hoo boy. Its sneezywheezyitchy time, all right...Once again, I'm going to try and do my bend&stretch stuff downstairs before it gets really unbearable.
I wonder if I should have taken in the 'once in a lifetime' torch relay down near the Dogs' Home', yesterday? I just had no interest at all in it, really.
Re old man in Doodlediary... I was shuffling along with my shopping/mobility trolley, he took a good look, and cried out...
Now, I'm used, after decades of it, to abusive bawlings from yoof,  stage-whispered comments on my size, and speculations about my sexuality/gender by 'concerned' witnesses to my progress through this world, but there's something quite curious about these very proper, tidy-looking elderly men who sometimes erupt at me. How/why do I provoke them so? 


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