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The Strangeness of Robbie Williams

Just happened to see about 20 minutes of Robbie-in-Concert in Las Vegas or somewhere like that, which I'd managed to tape in error over Christmas. It was pretty shite. I don't think I've ever watched him in action before, and although I really don't know anything about what his usual performance style is, I can't believe he gets away with being this crap as a general rule. (His rendition of MR. BOJANGLES alone actually made me think there is something to be said for capital punishment.) The thing that really struck me, though, was how furious he appeared, while striving to maintain that cocky/cute persona. Despite the whole 'I am adorable' facade, his glassy lil' eyes appeared to be blazing with demonic homicidal rage. Maybe he was coked up or summat. I found it pruriently fascinating, anyway. If he ever really blows, I think he'll out-weird Michael Jackson.

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