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ropey old twat
Horrid humidity is vexing me. It's really steaming, but not too hot, thank gods.
After 'gym', I went to the NPG. The usual not terribly exciting portraits in the (hiss-) BP exhibit. It never fails to amaze me, though, how many people are capable of producing astoundingly detailed photo-realist stuff. I can't even imagine the skill that must involve. It's just not very inspiring, though.Not my taste, anyway.  There seemed to be more depictions of old people than usual, including the winnah, a not-bad large nude of a sixtyish woman.  One of my favourites was NINETY-TWO YEARS, a loose, sploshy study of a woman with dementia, which reminded me of my mother in her last years. Traffic was , yes, even slower than usual, and the West End was packed with school kids, tourists, etc. What's it going to be lie when the fucking games actually start?
Annoyingly, I've been given an appointment  to possibly deal with my varicose veins, but it's the day before CAPTION. I'd hoped to go up on the Friday and stay over. Bum. I'm not sure I'll be going at all, though. It looks like ral summer is coming at last, as I'd feared, and There's little info about what's actually on, this year. Well, we'll see.
DEXTER 6 ended with a big OMG! moment. After that, I think series seven 'should' be the last, to avoid the dreaded shark-jumping. That would be a shame, when it's been so good for all this time.


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