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No fearsome deluges here in South London, just the usual tedious drizzle. It was too heavy to work out this morning, but once I'd schlepped to the laundry, the 'mist' was light enough for me to go to the park and 'get it over with' I met R who was still there working out the dawgs. Felt etremely virtuous when I'd done.
The had a long, tiresome echange with the BT help desk. Everything now seems to be more or less working, touch wood. When you can barely move, it's a real drag doing all this multipe plugging and unplugging stuff. Bah.
I am now getting in a Cinese food mood, following my painful knee-bending exertions and all the annoying faffing about...must resist....
Watched the ancient version of KING SOLOMON'S MINEs with Paul Robeson, (and Cedric Hardwicke as Alan Quartermain!) Found myself rather annoyed at the retarded depiction of the 'Irish' characters, although it was otherwise  not very racist or sexist for the period. Great fun, all in all, with plenty of the sublime Mr Robeson bursting into song at odd moments.

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R is quite funny, albeit in a slightly cringy and painful way, though I was disturbed by her starving for 3 days and being so pleased to have to use a cushion to sit. She sounds a touch anorexic - possibly a symptom of her stress at the moment that she's been so extreme recently?

I have a feeling she is anorexic, and has been for a very long time. She also exercises in a really maniacal, excessive way, which is a symptom, I think. I ventured to suggest this, and I don't think she's entirely unaware of it. She has discussed it with the doctor I think, but chooses not to do anything about it. She's actually skeletal, but she enjoys it...The fact that she doesn't really have enough money to feed her animals and pay the vet bills, also makes her reluctant to spend money on food for herself. I try to help out without being too obvious, by passing on groceriesd that I claim to have bought, but discovered I didn't care for- that sort of thing. It's difficult...

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