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Bloody Weather...
destroy planets
A hot day of truly excruciating sultriness. I was flattened. Got my exercisin' done with difficulty, and just flaked out semi-conscious for the duration. My condolences to the poor souls who had to use the tube.  I imagine St John's Ambulance staff at Wimbledon had a busy day, too. Phew.
Watched THE WOMAN IN BLACK, which was slightly less lame than I expected, but not much.
Considerably scarier was the version of MACBETH on BBC4. the other night. Patrick Stewart led a solid cast in the creepiest production I've ever seen of it. I noted at the end that the director was Rupert Goold who did that insane Chinese Restaurant of Death TURANDOT at ENO a couple of years ago. The guy's sick.
The weather, thank gods, is changing. BUT we're getting bizarre hurricano blasts of wind, now...I'd opened the wonky window in desperation, and now can't fucking well shut it. The metal blinds, which don't shut properly, either, are making a hellish racket, and Amazy is having a nervous breakdown. Why meeeee?...



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