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Beg To Differ...

"I've never ever fancied an opera singer, I don't know why. Not even a really handsome one. There's something about the fact that they can make that noise that I find incredibly unerotic."
Opera director David McVicar
Strange, I've often found myself totally infatuated with ordinary-to downright unsexy-looking guys, including opera singers, solely on the basis of a certain indefinable quality of voice that just somehow presses my hormonal buzzers. Go figure...
Wotan has been very quiet, especially in the puurbox department, since his visit to the vet. He's been keeping to himself, and when he graces me with his presence, sits with his back to me. Could swear he's sulking...Christ, I'm such an old maid over that cat.
Lee Kennedy IS Selma, featuring Wotan as Jub-Jub the Iguana...

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