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ganesh reading
I was sniffing around in TK Maxx yesterday, and picked up a very attractively produced book called SPITALFIELDS LIFE, by 'the Gentle Author' It looked really good; lots of nice photos, and coverage of fascinating London weirdness..I 'm probably the only person on earth who had never heard of it, but just in case, I'm going to enthuse a bit.
I overcame massive temptation to buy the book, as it was a tenner, which I didn't have to spare. It was reduced from £20, though, and I can see myself weakening, eventually...When I got home, I checked it out on Amazon (still £10 for 'used'-) and it seems the source was this cult blog...Visited cult blog, and it is smashing, so if indeed anyone shares my ignorance, do check it out.     I think I can guarantee enjoyment.

A man from the council came around to take pictures, prior to the installation of new front doors for the flats,(We don't need 'em...)
and rennovation of kitchenettes (Oh joy, that we DO need very,very much-) and bathrooms (Well, not mine,as I already have the brill walk-in shower for the gimpy that they gave me a few years back, but the bathrooms here are mostly horribly ancient and manky.)
They're also updating the electrics and boilers. Hope the work isn't so cheap & nasty that it's  worse than before, (like the 'orribly fiddly newish windows-) but, hey, beggars can't be choosers, and it looks like a pretty good thing generally.
Now WTF is wrong with my keyboard? It's  clean and everything,and I just changed the batteries, but certain keys don't register unless they're really smashed. Does this mean I need a new one or summat? Grump. My typos are frequent enough without this.

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is usually down to fur under the keys!


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