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Size Struggle...

I still can't sort out these huge files. Why is this happening? Why can't I change them? Trying again...Here's he Squee of the week, Ms Amazy lounging seductively...glamourcat  Oh, now it's too small...

R Next Door meets ATOS tomorrow, if she can manage to get there. I've offered to go on the bus with her ( BUT she can't use any public transport, for fear of panic attacks, even with company...) She won't accept a loan to take a taxi, and she's afraid of getting lost driving, which she does, when she's freaked out. She's explained all this to the doctor, etc., but nothing seems to be sorted. My head hurts.
Saw INVINCIBLE, a Herzog film based on the true story of a Jewish strongman working with a creepy clairvoyant in Weimar Berlin, featuring Tim Roth being sinister. Not bad.


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