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Oh So Very Tired...
Long day; think I may have over-exercised. In any event, I'm hurtin' bigtime, now. Also had the stress of schlepping to the GP, fretting about DVT...She  gave me antibiotics for cellulitis. Hope to heaven they work. Between the wake-you-at-night itching, and the stinging and burning , I'm much in need of relief. R saw her doctor, as well.complete with notes I made for her, as she can't speak English OR German when she gets too worked up; just gabbles. Didn't seem to help, though. It also appears they've lost all her records... I just can't afford to get too involved in this. It's horrific. I was sent the wrong prescriptions last week, BTW What the hell is going on?
Saw a truly, brilliantly dreadful film last night, Madonna's W.E. Utterly amazing! I think it may be the 'best' bad film since the astounding SHOWGIRLS. Just see it...

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Cellulitis? No wonder you're feeling rough. I always used to think it was terrifyingly dangerous, but a friend had it a couple of weeks ago and she didn't even take any time off work, so (fortunately) guess not! Hopefully the antibiotics will do their magic swiftly.

I've had it for years. Its very painful, hideous, etc., but I don't think it's all that dangerous. It certainly doesnt help with the CFS, though. I nver had time of work with it, either. Prob'ly should have, but it didn't occur to me...

It's that thing about drawing a line on your leg to see if it expands beyond it, with the implication that something dreadful will happen if it does that I was thinking of, but my friend didn't have any line-drawing so I guess it's not always like that. Having it for years is pretty grim, though.

Oh, they used to tell us about that 'line of death' thing at school, too. Similar, I guess, but not quite the same, thank gods.

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