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Creak, Crumble...

Still feeling really rough and fally-aparty. Hope I can get some help Wednesday. Too boring ...
DVDS of the week included an excellent CORIOLANUS (Ralph Feinnes) , quite disturbing, really, in its convincing Balkan-ish modernisation.
PUBLIC ENEMIES, which I didn't remember ordering, was a quite watchable, if rather long biopic of superstar gangster John Dillinger. Johnny Depp is such a fine actor, in more 'serious' stuff, like this, but I have to say I  find his Willy Wonka/ Mad Hatter/ later Jack Sparrow  turns quite annoying... This film is particularly interesting for the scenic element. It seems they actually used very little CGI. There are still quite a few small towns in places like Wisconsin, where the old-fashioned main Streets have stayed pretty much as they were in the 30s; few franchises, etc. and beautiful old courthouses and hotels still in use. Gorgeous.



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