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Creak, Crumble...
Still feeling really rough and fally-aparty. Hope I can get some help Wednesday. Too boring ...
DVDS of the week included an excellent CORIOLANUS (Ralph Feinnes) , quite disturbing, really, in its convincing Balkan-ish modernisation.
PUBLIC ENEMIES, which I didn't remember ordering, was a quite watchable, if rather long biopic of superstar gangster John Dillinger. Johnny Depp is such a fine actor, in more 'serious' stuff, like this, but I have to say I  find his Willy Wonka/ Mad Hatter/ later Jack Sparrow  turns quite annoying... This film is particularly interesting for the scenic element. It seems they actually used very little CGI. There are still quite a few small towns in places like Wisconsin, where the old-fashioned main Streets have stayed pretty much as they were in the 30s; few franchises, etc. and beautiful old courthouses and hotels still in use. Gorgeous.



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Yep, it was pretty much 99% what-you-see, other than the usual hiding of modern mailboxes and satellite dishes, the places they shot are the same! Cindi managed to get to Crown Point IN. when they were shooting in the court building (where Dillinger was actually held) & breathe in some Depp-air...

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