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The Pricking Of My Thumbs...

My thumbs, knees and much else are hurting 'orribly R Next Door is suffering, too, especially in the thumb department. The damp doesn't help, I guess. Oucha.
Noticed that a lot of people are really angry, today. I got into the wrong queue at Sainsbury's, as usual, and a ruction started because this man, who looked a lot like the Archbishop of Canterbury, had a go at this old lady for being in the 'basket only' line, with a small wagon. She protested that she needed it for support, but there wasn't much stuff in it. It all got very heated, and the old lady's husband started waving his stick at the 'Archbishop', supervisors were summoned, etc. The gimpy old couple 'won'.
Ha. Kinda typical though of the growing intolerance towards us crumbly-crip 'scrounger' types. Nasty....
Saw a very good film last night. TATSUMI.  I iked the (gloomy, natch-) stories, but there's something about most manga art that I find really bland and unattractive.I hate the 'bigeye' style most, but don't really care for any of it. I should try harder, I guess. I did like that film...

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