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Trip To The Vet...

Thank Christ for Renate-next-door. She managed to get Wotan into the carrier before he'd even really snapped out of his post-prandial stupour,AND carried him to the bus stop, as she was going to the library, anyhow, while I hobbled along all in a foaming frenzy of nerves. The news, (so far), isn't that bad. Yes, he does have an enlarged thyroid, but it can be treated; tests still have to be done for (whimper-)kidney and liver failure. He had his booster shot, flea treatment, and his claws clipped,all to the tune of £111.00!!! He also needs dental work. Of course, I already have a huge overdraft and no prospects whatever...I put it on the plastic, something I'd always tried so hard to avoid doing, but what can you do? Hopefully, the pet insurance I've been paying all these years will take care of most of it, but you can never really be sure with these things. I'm just a shattered hulk, now, of course; can't believe how feeble I am.Grizzle....

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