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Effin' Jubilee...

I will admit that I do feel rather sorry that people who are into this shit are not having very good weather for it, and I hope it's better for the flotilla this afternoon, which is the only thing I find remotely intereting about this whole business.
It was nice to have some cool breezes, and no sun beating down while doing my stuff in the park. R next Door  was being 'encouraging' again, maintaining that when she first met me, ten years or so ago, I just looked like  'a blob', wheras now I'm a 'much more shapely sort of all-over big, but strong.' OK... I suppose that's what most people think, when they meet a fat person ('blob'-) , but when they begin to see you as an individual, they can appreciate that there are different shapes and styles of obesity, too. I dunno...Grunt.    Oh noooo, I can't figure out how to import my doodles with this new system....I'm too weary to faff about at the moment...
Watched MEEK'S CUTOFF. I wouldn't ordinarily have checked out this poetically melancholy tale of settlers in the Wild West going astray, but it had thehelenraven seal of approval, and yes, was quite good. It's based on fact, although in reality quite a few  of the group 'made it.'



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