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Raining Stones...
hello pity
Poor old R Next Door has to go back to the PDSA  with the poorly Pepe tomorrow, to see if they've discovered anything in the tests, AND she got the summons to go and be vetted herself for her incapacity benefits. Gods have mercy...She's got until the end of June to live in terror, too. I do wish the current  government U-turn extravaganza would get onto the really important stuff, like the stupid and cruel benefit cuts that are causing so much anguish and costing squillions to impose.
I'm in a temper after spending half the afternoon hassling with bloody SKY, who have decided to cancel my subscription yet again. I'm paying by direct debit, they're in the wrong, etc...too boring to go into detail. The latest kerfuffle ended with me being cut off by a 'supervisor'...I wish I'd been all rude and sweary, now. It wouldn't have ended any worse, and i could have at least let off steam.  Now I'm missing the final two eisodes of THE GAME OF THRONES season. FUCK!  I've felt guilty about giving SKY my money, anyway, and don't intend to go through all this again. It's infuriating that they have some of the best shows, though...TREME, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, some of the stuff on Sky Arts 1&2,etc. not to mention the totally essential GAME OF THRONES.
Oh well, it's actually starting to feel somewhat fresher, and the sun's not hammering down, so that's something...


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