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Getting really debilitated, now. There's very little breeze, and I didn't sleep much (again-) last night, despite the fan. To my own astonishment, I managed my exercises, although I took it super-slowly, for fear of blowing a gasket. Even R admitted it was very hot, although she likes it.
I abandoned my plans to schlep to ASDA, and just used the pillar box, and sleazy quickie-mart across the road, where I got hit in the head again. I was struggling to get a bottle of squash off the very high top shelf, while the clerk just stood by. I fumbled, and it bopped me. He was much amused. I should have huffed off, but I bought the few things I needed anyway, because I wouldn't have gone there in the first place, if I'd had the energy to go elsewhere. Now I'm in fear of the curse of three, that something else will hit me in the head...
Saw a terrific film, THE GREY, a proper adult action movie, with real-peopleish characters, the still-gorgeous Liam Neeson to ogle, and several good 'jump's. I don't want to get too spoilery, so just check it out...unless you happen to be flying soon. I'll say no more.


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