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Didn't watch the middle bit, but  from what I saw, the quality of the songs seemed a bit better than usual. There was certainly a plethora ot wonderfully weird-looking contestants, my fave being Albania (although Moldova should have made the final-) The Russian grans, the guy in the black sequined blindfold,Jedward, the local dancers and aerialists, etc.etc. were all noteworthy in their bizarreness.
I'm waiting for R Next Door, to go down to the park and get the exercises over with, then it will be another sticky day of hiding from the heat.Ohhhh, yuck. Not so much breeze today, either. Spent part of the restless night watching THE WICKER TREE, which had some interesting moments, but sadly, didn't quite make the grade.

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Land my plane on the lightless runway of your soul!

OMG, I didn't catch the lyrics!

I've re-blogged your sketches (credited) - I hope you don't mind, but they capture the insane essence of Eurovision perfectly.

Re: Land my plane on the lightless runway of your soul!

I'm flattered, thank you! I got Albania wrong. I didn't realise that her hair was *all* locks.She was truly a wonder. I should have watched the whole show. The Scandi thriller I switched to wasn't really all that.

I secretly really love Jedward

Have to admit they amuse me....

Eurovision, yay!

Less flamboyant overall this year, though.

Well, I hadn't really watched for some time, most of the acts I saw were nice and weird, though.

I didn't watch Euro, but had a *huge* laugh reading the comments about it on Twitter. :) Hope you and Amazy are well. *Hugs*


We are doing our best to cope with the heat. At least it reduces the appetite a bit! Thank gods it's supposed to be more 'normal' by the end of the week. Hope you're feelin fit!

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