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Hot And Bovvered...

Hoo boy,  I am suffering in the heat, needless to say. I have managed to do my exercisin' before it gets too overwhelming, but after that, I just flake out,with barely the energy to read . Grump. Thank gods for the breeze, anyway.
Films this week have included SURROGATES, which I'd not heard of, a surprisingly intelligent and attention-holding sci-fi, with Bruce Willis,  and SHAME, a glum portrait of a yuppie 'sex addict' and his suicidal sister. McQueen makes amazing-looking artist's  films, and it was well worth seeing, but there wasn't that much story to it, and very little to exlain how the (very well-acted)fubar'd siblings got to be that way. It was pretty grim, but after seeing THE PAWNBROKER, it came as light relief!

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