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Hot And Bovvered...

Hoo boy,  I am suffering in the heat, needless to say. I have managed to do my exercisin' before it gets too overwhelming, but after that, I just flake out,with barely the energy to read . Grump. Thank gods for the breeze, anyway.
Films this week have included SURROGATES, which I'd not heard of, a surprisingly intelligent and attention-holding sci-fi, with Bruce Willis,  and SHAME, a glum portrait of a yuppie 'sex addict' and his suicidal sister. McQueen makes amazing-looking artist's  films, and it was well worth seeing, but there wasn't that much story to it, and very little to exlain how the (very well-acted)fubar'd siblings got to be that way. It was pretty grim, but after seeing THE PAWNBROKER, it came as light relief!

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Amused by the angry you in the doodles, was showing your work off in Girly to people we chatted to at the Comic(s) Bodies Symposium yesterday.

I'm not coping with the heat too well today either, fell over after going shopping. Dog is flat out too.

Oh, thanks for the pluggage. Sounds like a good event.
Amazy likes to flatcat on the coolish lino, all stretched out like a draught excluder. Sends regards to Loki.

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