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 Met up with helenravenat the Coli, and found that luckily, the building hadn't 'heated up' yet. It was fairly comfortable, until, of course we came blinking out into the strong sunshine, Yaaaah....
ENO has been having a very good season indeed. CALIGULA is another impressive production, and it seems there are tickets available from £10, so it's well worth making an effort to go. I'd never heard of this newish opera by Detlev Glanert. I think it's possibly the UK premiere. Musically and dramatically, it's quite a powerful piece, blending black humour with full-on 'orror. It's set in a sort of football stadium, which looks great, although I really felt for the cast. Don't know how they managed to navigate those veritginous steps, without clutching onto railings, while remaining in character and singing difficult music. Yow.
Baritone Peter Coleman-Wright gave a bravura performance as the doolally dictator, with very strong support from Yvonne Howard, Christopher Ainslie, and the rest of the excellent cast. The imagery was quite spooky and haunting, and I rather expect variations on it to turn up in my dreams before long.

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Thanks so much for taking me to Caligula. It was the UK premiere - the opera is only six years old, apparently.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Dr Dee dress.

I'm workin' on it. BTW, did you get email with James Ensor jpegs?.. I really think the design was influenced by him, consciously or otherwise.

I did get the Ensor email, thanks. I was meaning to reply to that immediately after commenting on your post, but things got away from me.

The image I have in my mind is of very precise little line drawings, kind of Windsor McCay style. Though it's possible that it's only something I dreamed! I will keep looking, though.

Particularly fab expessions today!

Don't think I've seen Ron Perlman in anything but Hellboy, but love him in that. I'm not sure he'd look right in anything else without horns.

His finest hour may have been BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. He never looks 'right' except in a fabulously wrong way!

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