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Lots of heavy dog-growls and yaps... The creepy Dreadlock Man's rumbustious bitch that he can't control, got attacked by an even bigger, stroppier dawg, and it all took off. R Next Door shrieked 'Zey are killing each uzzer!'  and ran off to join in.  There were several people already gawping, so I thought it was all over, really, and  didn't want to interfere, anyway.  They were indeed separated with no serious damage, but R seemmed shocked that I'd remained 'just sitting zere smiling'.. She reckoned she was too lightweight to separate  two big, battling beasts, so I should have limped up there, and thrown my still-reasonable upper body strength into the fray! Hey, 'twerent none of my beeswax, sorry! I don't even know these dogs.
In other 'news', I only got a bit drizzled on while exercising, then schlepped to the launderette to do my reeking sheets. (It's so difficult to change the bed, I do tend to leave them on for weeks. My bad...)  Then I got my bonce shaved; looks horrific, feels sublime, as per usual.

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As someone who was bitten when I tried to stop a dog attacking Pegasus, I can say that you were wise not to interfere. Those dog might not bite their owners, but all het they might, so why wouldn't they bite you. And by the sound of it, it was a an "all wind and fury" thing which dogs love, but unlike cats, don't take seriously (cats on the other hand will go for each other's throats).

Yup, I was always told not to try and get between fighting dogs, and saw no reason to. As you say, it was a nasty scuffle, but they probably would have quit sooner if the humans hadn't been making such a fuss.

I can't imagine why you would want to stride up and shove your hands in amongst beasts armed with the equivalent of a mouthful of carpet knives. After all, you didn't have a dog in this fight. Ahahahaha.

Goddammit! No way should you get involved with unpredictable, fighting dogs. If they were so worked up as to "kill each other" then they'd be more than capable of doing you serious injury. Steer clear!

The only time I'd ever consider interfering with a fighting dog was if I saw them attacking a child. In such a situation, the well-being of the dog would not be uppermost in my mind, I'd happily smash its head with a blunt instrument to get it off a kid asap.

Not to say I don't like dogs, actually I do. But I've seen my mum with horrific bites from unruly dogs when she was minding her own business so I suppose I have Strong Views.

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