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Supercool Wagner...

Went with H to see the new production of THE FLYING DUTCHMAN at the Coli. Hot diggety!  We were in a box, which is always nice, and it was a really tremendous sight. I don't want to spoil any coups de theatre, but during the prologue, we're introduced to lil' Senta in her bed  fantasising as she reads the spooky leged of the Dutchman. Amazingy effective nightmarish seascapes are projected on the wall, and...Full marks to director Jonathan Kent and designers Paul Brown and Mark Henderson. .My eyes were like millstones throughout.I was also pleased that there were no intervals, as that lets you sink right into the whole steaming neurotic mess and roll with it uninterrupted.
The singers were topnotch, although I think tenor Stuart Skelton might have been nursing a bit of lurgy, there. Orla Boylan sounded fab as Senta, and I liked the young bass James Creswell a lot, as the Dutchman. He cut a fine, tortured-romantic figure too. Clive Bayley is still on a roll, I've admired his recent stints as the baddies in HOFFMANN, and as Bluebeard ; his Daland is excellent, too, a bit more likeable than usual (Wot an old git that character is, no wonder his daughter's loco.)
Afterwards, we had a quick lunch at the local  Garfunkle's. (I'd actually never been in one). It was virtually deserted, which was fine by me, as I needed to chill out a bit after all that emotional frenzy. It was proper lunchtime, though, and it seemed odd that were were only about ten other people eating there. It's not exactly haute cuisine, but it's pleasant enough. clean, and cheapish for the area. Is this due to the recession?
Anyway, This production definitely rocked my boat, and I suggest that everyone who has a chance to check it out. IMO, DUTCHMAN is quite reasonable as a starter opera, too, although people are usually advised to begin with something more romcommy. I beg to differ, Once bad  ol' nutter Wagner has you hooked, you're hooked proper.


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