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Deluge And Double Dip...
dot cotton
Well, I doubt if most people ever thought we were out of recession in the first place, but being nowhere near out of a drought after a day like today does make you think. It was absoutely filthy, so I got my day off from the gym at last. A couple of times it started to clear, but there were puddles galore, and the wind, shudder...then it tipped down again.
Watched HINDENBURG, which LoveFilm seems to have sent by accident; not very interesting, but there were a few decent blowy-uppy conflagration scenes. Also watched BOMBAY BEACH, about a strange community of poor folk by the Salton Sea. It was only partly subtitled, and I couldn't understand much of what they were saying. Can't say I was particularly  absorbed.

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The "hunchback" as such is more an area where humans stash fat reserves, or so my anatomy books tell me, which surprised me as the top of the back isn't the first place you'd think of as a fat stashing area.
So technically if you're working out, that area will start to shrink.

that's interesting- I would like to shrink that lady lump on me.

Artistically, fat distribution interests me, it's a classic mistake my students make when modelling male and female bodies in 3D. Upper-back fat is unisex though, both genders stash there. (As opposed to other, more well known stash places that work really well as gender signifiers.)
Alas, like all fat there are no workouts that will target a specific area. If Crazycrone is noticing a difference, it is likely that the workouts are burning fat all over, but perhaps changes in the upper back area are more noticeable.

Arf! Sorry for the big comment, I've been doing lots of life drawing recently so this sort of thing is an important and fascinating thing to study and observe for accurate anatomy, though I've only read one art book to point out this area specifically - so it might be bollocks, but it was a good art book and it does seem to make sense when you start observing people from an artistic objective.

What's wrong with big comments? Since I and most readers I would have are draw-y people, its interesting to us, too.
I'm gonna be looking at 'dowagers' humps' all day, now.

Well if you're going to look out for them now! They're more common than people realise, as you don't have to be especially overweight to stash in that area. Artistically, it will make the neck seem slightly shorter on both men and women, particularly from behind.
However, in general, it's not obviously noticeable whatever your weight and generally overlooked, as it's on the back of the body and obscured by collars and the like. Easier to spot on a nude, or if you're scrutinising yourself (nude) in a mirror.

Here's a link to a scan of the art book I've made if you're interested. Click through flickr to enlarge view.

I only noticed mine a year or so ago, as, for obvious reasons, I don't look in the mirror much. I was horrified.
If it is indeed shrinking, I think it may be the rowing machine...

That's a good point! Rowing is going to tighten up the muscles on your shoulders and upper back. It won't burn fat in that area, but it will realign the area as the underlying muscles get stronger.
However, you may well be burning fat all over, but it won't be easy to notice visually, even if you were someone who did check themselves in a mirror all the time.

I'm still hugely impressed with your commitment to the outdoor gym even in the rain (though the other day the rain was a bit too much - you don't want to make yourself ill in the process.)

I love your drawing SO much Lee.

Thanx, Jason. Ditto. Have you had any time for cartooning recently, what with kiddy, film festivals, housy and worky stuff? Hope so.

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