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Shiver & Shake...

I don't know why I'm feeing so chilled, recently, as I usually run really hot, but when the sun goes in and yet another blowy, showery period commences, I sometimes feel like turning the heat on! Brrrr...At the same time, allergies are really acting up, Amazy's hair is soo difficult to shift from furniture, clothes, etc., and feckin' flies keep appearing in the flat. Meh.
Waiting for H, T and M to come and tae away the big chair. Yay! I moaned a bit more, and H decided they could probably make use of it. I'm so glad. I like to think it's getting a decent home, after I blew so much money on it, fairly recently. The new chair bed should arrive this week, so it all works out nicely.
Watched BILL CUNNINGHAM, NEW YORK  about a charming octogenarain, who still toots around on a bike photographing stylish folk in the street. He works for the NY Times, but won't accept money, so he can do exactly what he wants. He must have family money, although it was all left a bit mysterious. He lived for decades in his little studio in Carnegie Hall, which was entirely full of file cabinets containing his work, with a little bed squished in between some of them! Recently, the powers that be evicted all the rent-controlled old artists, and put them into 'nice' flats in the same pricey area, so the studios can be made into coporate hell holes. *Sigh*  He had the smart new kitchen packed with more file cabinets, anyway.  It's also weird that despite his huge likeability, he says he's never had a romantic relationship, didn't have time to spare, etc. Maybe it's because he's gay and was brought up religious-still goes to church every Sunday. All very curious, and interesting. Nothing like a good eccentric.
Also saw a very absorbing documentary about Elizabeth Taylor's massive bling collection, recently auctioned. I'm not much into diamonds, etc., but it was fascinating. Cray-zee!

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