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dot cotton
Ohh, my knees. I really don't know...R next door was very enthusiastic about my gym 'progress', but of course, she's mad, and believes that the more something hurts the better it is for you. She also commented on how 'agile (!!!) you are, for a person of your-shape.' I guess she reckons that a person of my-shape being able to move at all, even if every step is painful is amazing. Maybe it is!
Took a bus ride to the big Whole Foods shop, where they were giving away loads of samples, so I got to taste a £5 loaf of bread (yes, it is good-) and some extra expensive quick-fried asparagus with sesame and lemon. (Ohhyah!)
Conked out dozing to R4 for much of the afternoon. Now there's nowt on telly.
DVDs of the week: DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK: Not bad, actually, a couple of scares.
                               THE DEEP BLUE SEA: Terence Davies'  take on the Rattigan play. Gorgeous to look at, and Simon Russell Beale is always good, but it's a bit of a dusty old thing.
                               ANONYMOUS: Silly, but reasonably entertaining Shakespearian speculations.Good cast, with Rhys Ifans looking like an El Greco saint. It always surprises me, how beautiful he is.



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