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I'd planned on a day off from the gym, but when R rang, I meekly went with her, thinking at least the rain had stopped. When I realised it hadn't, I figured I might as well just do it, since I was downstairs anyway. Vile, though. Then, I had to drag the base of the old daybed out of the flat, as the new chair is coming Thursday. Thank the gods the concierge took it down in the lift and outdoors for me. Very nice of him. It's really cold up here now, 'cos it's so windy. It was good to have a bit of actual rain, though.
Still ploughing away into A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, huddled stinking in my pit like a teenager.
Watched that CRUCIFIXION, with the ultra-creepy Gunther Von Hagens. He really does unsettle me. He's now very ill with Parkinson's, poor sod, and was deteriorating throughout the procedure, which made it even spookier. Sadly for him, the final product isn't very impressive, either.*Shudder*

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I dunno, sounds pretty hardcore working out in the rain, as for lymph-node woman, she sounds like a bit of a loon with all the alternative medicine guff.

What part have you got to in Dance?

Yes, LNW is completely batshit, especially on the topic of alternative health bunkum, but so is R, so they really go at it. If I hear any more about spirulina...
Meanwhile, Tyrion is drowning again, Davos is about to lose his head, and I can't remember who Reek is...

Mein Gott, your dedication grows by leaps and bounds! Respect!

Well, these 'workouts' only last 20-30 minutes, and are pretty mild by 'normal' standards. I'm just trying to get a little less decrepit.
Also R Next Door is such a total masochist (runs up and down 15 flights of stairs several times a day, walks miles on the common for several hours AND does the outdoor gym, plus seldom eating, etc. etc.) that, although I know it's pathalogical, I feel like a wimp

I'm afraid you have failed to un-impress me.

Ah yes, poo bags. I recycle plastic shopping bags for that service when I walk Bobby, but I also keep it in a pocket when not in use. The trick is turn them inside out when you first use them, pulling them down your alrm like a giant condom.; That way when you pick up the poo you're not actually touching it (later retrievals are trickier)! I bother with this because if you pick up you dog's poo you can take them anywhere.

I do love the expression on the dog's face!

Yeah, that's the way R does it; with all the dogs she walks, she's had loads of experience.

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