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I must admit, the feeling after I've done my exercise torture is fabulous. I'm so happy it's over. Far too many people about the last couple of days though, and Lymph Node Woman, of course, has R in thrall. They go on and on and on about alternative remedies. Oy!
The 'knifing' on the ninth floor turned out to be a domestic. He burned her arm on the stove, she blacked his eye and called the cops. Evidently he has his own place, and has been thrown out, so hopefully, that's that.
Watched the latest WUTHERING HEIGHTS remake; nice melancholy moors atmosphere, but the young leads lacked charisma.
Also saw the first ep of GAME OF THRONES season two. Nothing too exciting, just setting up, but looks like it's gonna be at least as good as series one.
Had scary dreams of my mother coming back to life as a hideous zombie. Creeped me out.


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