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So Strange...

Still pretty damn creaky and hurty, but managed to hobble downstairs with R and the dawgs, to exercise. It was bloody freezing. I mean, unseasonably hot or cold weather is pretty common, but I don't think I've ever seen anything as extreme as this shirtsleeves to wooly scarves within a day or two stuff. Surely we are all doomed, etc.
This week's DVDs: DREAMS OF A LIFE. Yes, it's very well done, intriguing and haunting, but this true story of an attractive, well-liked woman who mysteriously died in her poky flat and lay there with the TV on for three years before discovery, probably isn't the best thing to watch if you're as gloom-inclined as I am.
THE AWAKENING. I've seen/heard some fairly positive stuff about it, but it didn't grip me, and I fell asleep about five times. I probably shouldn't judge it, as I may have missed the good bits.
HUGO: Lovely to look at, and quite charming, really. It does feel like a kids' film, though. (Which I suppose is not surprising-)
I also watched the 'extras' disc for METROPOLIS, which was veh interesting.


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