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Snurt...Eyes: blurry and itchy, Skin: red, bumpy, itchy, Nose: red and drippy, Sneezes: real windowrattlers. Buggeration. My asthma's really bad, too. My prescriptions finally arrived, after nearly two weeks, so I can go back on my antidepressants that don't work, anyway...They've got a bloody cheek putting the price of a first class stamp up to bloody 60 pence. Incredible...
I managed to do the gym stuff, although I'm not sure if I really should, in this weather. My joints are just getting more and more owie, and all. Still, I have this belief that it builds a bit of stamina, at least. Tomorrow's going to be even worse, for the likes of me, so once I've done it, I think I'll stay indoors.

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Gah, in spite of the heat, I seem to have caught a cold and am feeling really rough - just in time for the field trip to Holland with 30 students. GAH!

How's Dance? How far have you got?

ASOIAF Spoiler Alert...

Actually, not far; just to where one of Dany's dragons ate a kid. I've been distracted with other stuff, but I'm enjoying it.
Oh Jeez; hope it's a very small, soon-gone cold...At least your students are grownups! Can you imagine 30 stroppy, sulky, dope-seeking teens and a lurgy?

Bleurgh. Allergies playing up? My asthma & hayfever started up a bit with the warm weather too.

Still profoundly impressed by your stick-to-it-iveness in the gym. Far more than I can manage. Go you!

Thanks for the encouragement. I bloody need it. Surely if the gods had meant us to exercise, they'd have made it a bit more fun...

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