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Weathery Weirdness...

This morning it was actually quite chllly, but the air was very bad, and I was all wheezy and puffy. Schlepped to the launderette and did the bloody exercise thing, by which time R Next Door had come down. She's not eating or sleeping properly because she's got the Disability review form, and can't bear filling it in; gets hysterical when she starts, etc. I keep offering to help, but she hasn't come round with it. Not that I'm much use, but as it's not mine, I might be a bit more sensible about it. Gawd helps those who help themselves, and all, so she's going to have to do something. I'm pretty sure that even under nasty new rules, her pittance is safe, and she's just making herself worse for nothing. Annoying...
Watched the latest spruced-up METROPOLIS DVD, which contains some snippets I don't remember ever seeing before, like False Maria getting burnt at the stake, etc. Pretty cool. It's amusing how characters being 'bad' all do the same little grimace, like Creepy Dr Christian Jessing on TV health shows...There seemed to be a bit more Rottwang than usual, too. I've always had a lot of time for him; I find him kinda sexy!

I finally braced myself to change the bag in my Henry vaccuum cleaner, which has been there for about a year, and in spite of my best efforts, inhaled a load of dust and dander. I'm still sneezing and hacking. I do need a cleaner...
Ohh, nearly time for ANTIQUES  ROADSHOW... Here's today's diarydoodles.

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