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June in March continues.*Sigh*  I had to schlep and collect a parcel I wasn't in for, yesterday. Turned out to be A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, so I started on that, down in the park, after the gym stuff. The gastric band lady was down there,too, AND Lymph Node Woman, who I could do without, really. Felt so hot I just dozed for a while, in the afternoon. Meh. Out of pineapple, now, too.
SEBASTIAN HORSLEY: DANDY IN THE UNDERWORLD was going for one pee on Amazon,so I copped that. I've been meaning to read it. Another one of those people I would like to have met; too late now... Read  YOU CANNOT LIVE AS I HAVE LIVED AND NOT END UP LIKE THIS about  tragicomic substance abuser Willie ('Henry Root') Donaldson  a while back. Evidently he kept setting Horsley up with this girl he obsessively fancied himself (his sexuality was 'complicated'-) and when they finally started an affair, he was brokenhearted ; never really forgave Horsley.Nowt so queer as folk, 'specially bohemians
Nothing much on TV again. will probably sit up and watch THOSE WHO KILL. .

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