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Piss Off, Summer...

It's too hot,  it's not even April, and this drought is really starting to look unpleasant. If it carries on like this, it's going to be worse than '76, or better, if fried and dehydrated is what you like.
Here's another cool photo of Cash and Dylan. Those guys just looked and sounded so good together...

I'm feeling totally knackered. The more I exercise, the more I hurt and the more exhausted I feel, mostly, although I'm sure it's doing some sort of good. I do feel perked up right after the workout, partly 'coz I'm glad it's over...One of R's mad dogwalking friends was in the park this morning, gassing on about her lymph nodes and holistic health practises, etc., for a Very Long Time.  That was wearying, too.
I carried on afterwards to ASDA, to get some extra fruit & salad stuff, as it's going to be hot all weekend and I don't fancy shopping when it's more crowded. Pineapple seems particularly nice at the moment. Nom.
Once I'd got home, tidied up, and showered, I was pretty well frelled. Still am.
So, can't be arsed to go on too much about the latest  bypass aggro. Got a letter from the private bariatric clinic I was going to be transferred to, saying that after further study of my past records, they'd decided it would be better for me to go back on the King's waiting list, after all. Evah so sorry to disappoint, etc. Cuntz. I wouldn't be at all surprised if  they booted me on account of I is a depressive, and I don't even care much at the moment, too tired- and I wonder if the gods aren't telling me something...

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