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Angry OAPs...
Hmmm, maybe the 'soak the old and poor a little bit more'  thing that Osborne wasn't expecting anyone 'important' to notice, might actually be a blessing in disguise; huge 'GRANNY TAX!'  etc. headlines on all the papers, and a lot of public disgust...Perhaps it might even help get rid of this horrible government ASAP. God knows, they've done so much damage already, gods save us from another Parliament of 'them'.
Another bloody hot day. I could do without it.
The other night, I indulged my guilty fascination with  anti-obesity telly, and I think I was actually 'cured' of ever wanting to eat Haribo-type sweets again. Creepy Dr Christian  horrified one of his victims (actually it was the 'Superskinny'-)  by brewing up a big pot of manky animal bones and stuff, wax, food colour, etc. to show what's really in there. You don't usually think of it, do you? Ewww...
I've also been gawking at ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP, and there was a really fab episode the other day. One of the junk boffins paid £8.00 for an ugly great Staffordshire elephant with a howdah and mahout  on top
Gruesome.I mean, it would have been OK to have a goggle at in the shop, or a museum , but I really wouldn't care to give it house space, myself. It sold at auction for over £3,000. What fun.

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I'm super impressed you've been going for the gym thing pretty much every day. If people are being rude, sod 'em! In the old days when I used to go to the gym, I was always rather admiring of bods with obviously-not-gym-bunny physique working out, since, duh, the whole point of the gym machines was for people to access them for fitness reasons.
Go for it!

Thank you.I was down there this morning , huffing and puffing, and flipping the bird to the cunts on the balcony.. I hate it muchly, but it's SO much better outdoors than in a stuffy, smelly indoor gym.

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