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How Lame Can Ya Get?...
I actually wept last night listening to the egregious Brian Kennedy squeal out fucking DANNY BOY! I think I must be in very bad shape indeed.
Went to LIDL yesterday, just to be sure nobody had found and turned in the wallet (I know, but it doesn't hurt to try...) Otherwise, I just did the machines with the hapless R. Next Door...Poor woman is just beginning to get used to life without Milo dog, and the other day she got The Call to inform her that her disability status is soon to be re-evaluated! She's sick with fear, as if she weren't fucked up enough. She's quite close to me,aphabetically, so if that's how they're doing it, I guess I'm next. Holy Mother of God have mercy on us. I feel like puking when I think of it.
Still brooding on the wallet, I'm afraid. That's nearly £100 gorn, counting the book tokens. I could try and console myself a bit, thinking maybe it had been found by someone old, poorly and desperate like me (yeah right, the crack pipes were puffing merrily Friday night, for sure-) and the money helped them at a bad time, BUT most people around here wouldn't even know what a book token is, and just chucked 'em in the bin. Wahhhhh...
Wow, this motorbike maniac shooting people in France is pretty scary...Oy, this world...
Saw a riveting ARENA Satuday night, about William Golding. I don't remember ever actually reading anything of his, except , of course, LORD OF THE FLIES. I should remedy that. He kept a huge dream diary, and was interestingly weird.

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:-( for all the crappy stuff.

I missed the arena documentary, is it worth watching on catch-up then? Ashamed to say I've never even read Lord of the Flies.

Oh yes, watch the Golding thing, by all means; really very interesting.

Edited at 2012-03-20 07:41 am (UTC)

What suck about the wallet:(. The Golding thng sounds interesting - I'll look out for it.

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