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'Orror Films...

Saw a rental one this week, DEMONS NEVER DIE, which I found pretty boring, and fell asleep on. Two currently on Film Four are quite reasonable, though, well made and acted, with interesting characters. TORMENT concerns a dork bullied into suicide returning to kill his mean classmates, and CARRIERS is a very watchable spin on the ever-popular End-of-the-World Plague.
The gym in the estate 'park' is nearly finished and I went to try it out with R Next Door. There's no 'bike', unfortunately, but several  of the machines I can cope with. I even managed, with a lot of undignified grunting and groaning, to slowly board the cross-trainer, and pump away for a bit. Feeling achy now, but quite pleased with myself. Hope I can manage to use it regularly. If I can get down there fairly early, when there aren't too many people about to snigger at the spectacle, it should be OK.


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