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Actually  got R Next Door to come in for a while. She's still in bits about Milo. It's a long story, but it seems he died because the owners couldn't be bothered to make sure he got the full course of antibiotics for his pneumonia, and wouldn't let her nurse him fulltime. She feels she 'failed' him, but of course, she did everything she was allowed to do, and the poor old fellow had been failing for a while,anyway. What can you say, she's a hysterical person. I understand her grief, though. Certain animals mean as much as a good human friend, and you just can't  casually shake it off when they die.
Saw L'AMOUR FOU, about Yves St Laurent, his lifelong lover, and this incredible art collection they assembled, which was sold off after YSL's death. They had several homes, all of them astounding mini-museums. Jeez Louise...Of course, poor old Yves was such a depressive he was hardly ever actually happy, despite  the supportive, caring boyfriend, world acclaim and jawdropping riches...

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