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Clean, At Least...

Well, after two plus hours of sitting gawking at the PC, I did get it together to shower. Next major effort, get dressed and go out for a while, anywhere.
Must...stimulate...brain, what's left of it...
Saw MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, which was, surprisingly, rather delightful. I do love lots of location stuff, and this one began with a long montage of Paris looking ridiculously beautiful. The cute Owen Wilson made an amiable lead, and the character was caught up in one of my own favourite fantasies, so I liked it a lot. I've always thought Woody Allen wrote pretty lame dialogue, though. even in the early days. People  do not talk like that, at least not in my admittedly lower-class circles. Then again,most of the people I know are poorish, but quite intelligent and arty. They still don't talk like Woody Allen people
Saw another Woody Allen on TV just recently, VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. Again, lots of  atmospheric scenes in a lovely city, but I thought it was pretty dumb. Passable, though. The last one I saw before that, was CASSANDRA'S DREAM, which was just sooo shockingly absurd and boring, I thought he'd totally shot his bolt.

 Shame on me that I nearly always watch these reprehensible things...BIG BODY SQUAD tonight!  Oh yes,the horribly hairy superobese guy did cry like a little girl when Creepy Dr. Christian told him that total immobility and death were surely at hand if he didn't stop scarfing those doughnuts...

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