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More Inertia...

Over the weekend, I watched WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, which is really very good, almost lives up to the hype. Fabulous performances.  I also checked out the old b&w REMBRANDT film with Charles Laughton. Lovely to look out, with all the old-fashioned backcloths and stuff, and quite touching, at times.
My mobile phone seems to be conking out. I was considering getting a new Nokia smartphone when they come out. I'd need instruction from smart people, though, as I've never learned to use the old one properly. A qwerty keyboard will be helpful, and I'd love to learn to draw on one, plus  get online, etc. Is it more sensible to buy or rent? Any advice?

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You're really not missing anything you know!

I believe it's one of those things you ought to try and experience once. I've done raw oysters, which were every bit as yuck as I'd always imagined.


That character looks more like Grimly Fiendish!

It's supposed to be 'the Hitcher' from THE MIGHTY BOOSH, who has a song concerning eels...

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