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Red Toothbrush Horror...

...Has been manifesting recently, so went for my (shiver & shake-) 6-monthly dental check. Have one possible filling, got X-Rayed, but otherwise just needed a 'good clean' (excruciating enough, for a sensitive soul like moi-), so that's cool.
Displacing 'pagan dick' as today's weird, pointless recurring phrase in my head is 'fearless men who jump and die-' These phrases can be part of the annoying song that won't get off the IJ, like this, or completely out of the blue... Wonder if this is some sign of psychosis, or does everybody get them? 'Fearless men' is accompanied by mental minifilm of several Action Man/ G.I. Joes, suddenly leaping up and falling in a tangled heap, argh...
Camden Town Ripper suspect has been captured. He looks quite jovial in the papers, very 'normal' compared to most of the Lookin' Fer Lurve on EMode guys...But then serial killers usually do have that totally unremarkable look. I keep thinking of the poor bloody tramp wretchedly picking through the bins for discarded holiday fayre, and finding a bunch of human legs.Sigh...LIfe is just sooo cruel.

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