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Sunny Sunday...
Ugh; so depressing for me, so delightful for most.  It was almost too warm to have a jacket on. 'Tain't natural.
Caught up with THOSE WHO KILL, the latest Scandi mystery, but it's nowhere in THE KILLING's league. Not actually bad, though, and there's the opportunity to gawk at the fascinatingly angular Lars Mikkelson  ('Troels' in THE KILLING-) in a pretty  thankless role as the tec girl's boss. He's almost like a rather sexy Bizzaro.


Also saw a stylish b&w spin on the Leopold/Loeb murder, SWOON. Not bad at  all

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I've a last minute spare free ticket to see Chris Addison TOMORROW!

Wanna go? It's at the Hammersmith Odeon - starts at 7pm though I need to arrive earlier to pick up the tickets.

Thanks for thinking of me, but I can't stand him! :D
Hammersmith's a bit of a problem for me,as well; buses, etc.
Hope somebody else can take advantage.

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