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I left it too late to get into the Grayson Perry exhibit that I really  wanted to see, and certainly couldn't afford the  £44 to become a feckin' BM member. Bum. This is such a drag, and most annoyingly, my own damn fault.
Oh well, I've been so seedy this week, that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much, anyway. The joint pain is such that I can't even get much comfort sitting/lying down. Bah.
Films of the week included WARRIOR, which was much more interesting than I expected; an emotional tale of cage-fighting brothers (one of whom is a moonlighting physics teacher!)

Oh yeah, Brian Cox suddenly erupted like an exploding Cane Toad on the  BBC2 Review Show  last night, fulminating about INCREDIBLY LOUD AND EXTREMELY CLOSE, which the others all hated, apparently thinking that they were trivialising Aspberger's or something by their verdict. I'm not quite sure what he was on about, but it was rather entertaining

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