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It gets really dank up here when it's windly, although it's really horribly mild.
This week's DVDs have been ROBINSON IN RUINS; intiguingly hypnotic addition to Patrick Keiller's strange series, and FRIGHT NIGHT, which was reasonably entertaining. Actually, I don't think I've seen the original.
Sad news: the sweet elderly lurcher Milo died yesterday. R Next Door had been walking him for years, and considered him 'hers', really. He was one of those animals like Wotan, who have such character that they charm everyone, even people who aren't into 'pets'.
R's continentally flagrant emotional reaction has flummoxed me a bit. I'm sure I must be borderline aspie or something... Apart from actual sexual stuff in private, or fussing animal companions, I find touching very uncomfortable, and freeze up when people do social hugging and kissing, much less fling themselves on me, weeping, however sympathetic I might be. I guess upbringing has something to do with it. When I were a young 'un, the only everyday touching you got was getting smacked, and display of any more tender emotion than anger was considered very poor form indeed.


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