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The Freud Test

lee, Freud would say your strongest unconscious conflict stems from events that happened when you were a Toddler.

He would also conclude that relative to others, your personality today is moderately affected by the events of your childhood. It appears that your biggest unconscious conflict that still afflicts you stems from what Freud defined as the anal stage of development that occurred when you were between a year and a half and three years old. Freud would say that this conflict can manifest in your personality by giving you a tendency to be especially orderly or clean, or "retentive." You may also harbor a strong rebellious streak. This normally happens when parents toilet-train a child on some kind of schedule, rather than at the child's natural pace and the child naturally reacts by struggling for their autonomy and the legitimacy of their needs.

Freud defined five psychosexual developmental stages that everyone goes through on their way from infancy to adolescence. And each of those stages is associated with adult personality traits. At each stage, we all had to overcome certain "conflicts" or hurdles as we learned new skills and developed relationships with others. No one gets through all five stages without having trouble with at least one of them. And it's this unresolved "trouble" that Freud encouraged people to travel back to, recognize, and overcome.

Hm, I would have thought I was more 'oral' than anal...I got another batch of scary men, too...One is in Nevada, his biggest turn on is 'Power' (Bwahhh HaHa...), and he looks like George C. Scott with a beard. (He has ,indeed, been photographed looking Patton-esque in front of a US flag. Jeezus Mary & Joseph...)
There actually is a rather cute bear, though, who is turned on by 'intelligence'. Ooooer! It's worth doing these Emode things, actually, if they keep sending photos of all these strange men to marvel at. Most of them are so ODD, even by my standards.

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