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I  thought I'd see if  'Oblique Strategies' had anything interesting to say to me today, and on two different generators I got 'Idiot Glee'!
I went to have my eyes tested, and bum! I had to get new glasses, coming to over £200 squid, even with 'free sunglasses'
Jeezus!  However, apart from that, everything seems quite healthy in that department, touch wood. The cataracts are progressing very slowly, so far, so I don't need to fret & sweat over that op for a while.

I'm sttill trying to get rid of the manual recliner, BTW, It's only 2-3 years old, good nick, forest green leather. It needs to be taken away SOON (Van and 2 peeps-) to a good home. It's very comfy and squishy.


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