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Rather crummy weekend, despite the pretty snow. Can't help thinking of possible medical horrors.
Latest grim email from the sib informs me that one of my brother-in-law's brothers has mysteriously collapsed and gone into organ failure. They had to put him in a coma while they try to figure out what on earth is wrong, and if he can be saved. Jeezus!
R Next Door now thinks I shouldn't go through with the bypass in any event since civilisation as we know it is going to end on 21 December, or whenever, and I'll have to be able to eat all kinds of rubbish to survive. Well, the lifts won't be working when the sunspots fizzle everything, and as I am now, I won't be able to climb up and down 15 flights all the time to scavenge for food, so what the hell...
The new series of WHITECHAPEL seems improved, it's got more supernatural-ish, I think. In any event, it's just totally mental enough to be worth a goggle.


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