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dot cotton
Have to admit, even to me, it felt perishing cold, today. I had to go to the GP's for annual blood tests. You have to be fasting from the night before, and my appointment was for 10:30. What  with that, (four vials-) and the tramping around in the wind, I felt quite weak and wobbly. I had to go to ASDA while I was out, too. No fun. It took me hours after that to get the strength to change the cat litter!
Managed to do a 24-hour comic, yesterday. I did it wrong, but what the hell...

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Love it! Especially like how if i'm at work I have to click that i'm a responsible adult (or something) to see it. One day I shall publish a book of all these!

I love it too :-)

Hope you're feeling less wobbly.

If I had my way you'd be forced by law to do these every single day.

Thanks; unfortunately every day is pretty much the same...

I particularly like the panel with you showering. Such economy of line, as they say!

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