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Got a letter from the hospital saying that due to the long waiting list I'm on, they're farming out some of their cases to the private Bariatric Group. If they take me on, I could have my op done by the end of March. One problem is, there's a London clinic, and another in Tonbridge Wells...If they send me to that one, I don't see how it could be managed, as I've no way to get to and fro but public transport, on my own, which would be dodgy, after the op... I'm terrified, now, of course but it's still up in the air. May the gods guide and protect...
Watched MELANCHOLIA, which I found extremely scary and haunting. Wibble.
Ordered pizza, as I figured I might as well indulge a few food vices while I still can. Unfortunately, it was disgusting, a waste of money and calories. Even the cat wasn't interested. Typical.

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Suggest they either send you to the other one, or send you home in a car (theirs).

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Bless ya but it's not just the taxi going home (from Kent!?) I'd be expected to go back and forth for the aftercare, as well.

If this is NHS based, phone your GP to see if they can arrange patient transport. You have a disability so hopefully you can get somewhere with that?

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