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Still Hermiting...
destroy planets

It rained all day, and I stayed in, which, at least keeps me from spending money.
I've been admiring Carol Tyler's  excellent YOU'LL NEVER KNOW a memoir largely concerned with her father's WWII experiences.
Filmwise, I've  watched DOUBT, which made me weirdly nostalgic for those old Catholic schools. The long, dark corridors with unfeasably highly glossed floors the dusty blackboards...They put us through hell,there.  but I liked those buildings. Fine performances from Ms Streep and Mr Hoffman, and worth a look.
I also enjoyed Almadovar's latest, THE SKIN I LIVE IN , a delerious mishmash of  mad doctor mania, black humour, psychodrama, sex change, and murder. Not his best, but quite engaging.

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sometimes hermitting is the best thing to do

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