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Parisian Porn...

I've started reading QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY, which I picked up at the Book Exchange. I've not read much Henry Miller, but the phrase always charmed me; one of those things I repeat in my head. It also conjured up an image of one of those pearly grey rich peoples' arondissments where it seems nobody's ever on the street. (Hardly the case in the Paris Clichy. I don't know about the suburb.) Anyway, lots of having rollicking rumpo while starving, so far, not much old Paris atmosphere.It's OK, though.
Saw  ATTENBERG, which intrigued me, at first, but became increasingly annoying. I didn't need all the dad's death stuff,(wibble-) and the heroine was a real pain.The dialogue was infuriating, I suppose it could be down to poor translation, but people really, really don't talk like that. The most irritating bits were the lil' vignettes when the two friends do silly walks in tandem. Gngh...It was really slooooow, too.
I'm rather bemused by the current craze for 'onesies'. They're supposed to be so super-comfy, but what about going to the loo? For us gurlz, you have to practically strip off, and get frozen.


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