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Blue Monday...
Going to Hell

Had ye

Yet more dismal news from my sister. As my mother always  said(!) this family seems cursed. Negative expectations leading to bad stufff happening? maybe,,,My sister's a careful driver, though, and used to country roads so can't be blamed for a big suicidal deer leaping out in front of her. I can only imagine the horror. The car is probably a writeoff, but thank gods, at least she wasn't injured . The psychic trauma must be immense, though.
I m in the midst of a big health scare; one of those things that could be very minor,or very major indeed. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, but all she's gonna do is refer me to a clinic, of course, which means weeks of swinging in the wind, no doubt, before I'm even seen.  Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit grim.
Sw Wim Wender's PINA, which was very watchable, but  also  had me dwelling on Death.
There's gonna be scary disability benefit talk on the radio all morning. I pray the government's horrible plans will be stalled, at least.

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Jesus. Fingers crossed for it being minor.

Oh, God. ::hugs, and tightly-crossed fingers::

I loved Pina! It was one of my favourite films of last year. I saw it twice in the cinema and then a friend got me a copy on DVD for my birthday. I thought the "ogre woman" in the train was sheer delight.

Hope everything went ok with the doctors. xx

Thanks. She said I should get scanned within 2 weeks, and 9 out of 10 cases turn out to be trivial problems, etc. Of course, that doesn't help a really gifted hypochondriac much...

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